Trombone Day 2016

Has been cancelled

Trombone Day C.S.U.Fullerton is still alive and well. However, due to facility usage issues with C.S.U.F. this year beyond our control, we have decided to cancel the event until 2017. We are still shooting for the first Saturday in February 2017, but will keep you posted as we finalize it.

We will continue to plan for a high quality trombone day next year with the return of top guest trombonists in the music industry, the very popular high school trombone quartet contest, reading sessions for all trombonists and more.

The exhibitor room will again be filled with top of the line trombones and mouthpieces to try out, and trombone gear galore. So stay tuned as we post information about Trombone Day CSUF 2017 throughout the year.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted us about the event. We appreciate your support and high interest level in this great event.

Len Wicks
President Bones West
Co-Chair Trombone Day C.S.U.F.

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