2023 Schedule

Joining us for Trombone Day?  Here’s what’s happening!





11:15am-12:15pm OPENING CONCERT: Recital Hall
Fresno State University Trombone Choir, Dr. Russ Zokaites, Director
Empress Trombone Octet

12:15pm-1:00pm LUNCH (Many food options walkable across Grand Ave: Subway, Domo Sushi, Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Nazo, Yoshinoya, Wingstop)

Judges: Dr. Karen Marston, Dr. Deb Scott, Bob Sanders

1:30pm-2:15pm ARTIST MASTER CLASS, YU TAMAKI: Recital Hall Performers: Cooper Randeen, Santiago High School; Nagisa Kuwabara, Azusa Pacific University; Key Poulan, Fresno State University

2:15pm-2:45pm SHARED FACULTY RECITAL: Recital Hall
Featuring Dr. Deb Scott, Bob Sanders, and Dr. Russ Zokaites

2:45pm-3:30pm MASTER CLASSES
Tenor Trombone Master Class with Dr. Deb Scott: M200 Performers: Jason Bernard, UCLA; Frankie Ye, Mt SAC; Lauren Parisi, Fresno State University
Bass Trombone Master Class with Dr Russ Zokaites: Recital Hall Performers: Trenton Ballinger, Riverside City College; Toby Hung, El Camino College & CSU Long Beach

3:30pm-3:45pm BREAK

3:45pm-4:30pm ARTIST CONCERT, YU TAMAKI: Recital Hall

4:30pm-5:45pm CLOSING CONCERT: Recital Hall
SoCal Intercollegiate Trombone Choir, Bob Sanders, Conducting
High School Quartet Results and performances
Bones West

2022 Schedule

Welcome to Trombone Day!  Here’s what’s happening!

Please note: Mt San Antonio College currently requires masking on campus.  Musicians are required to use bell covers and masks in rehearsals; Masks can be removed during performances. 

For more information about COVID protocols on campus: https://www.mtsac.edu/covid19/


High School: Group Warm-up with Dr. Karen Marston, Feddersen Recital Hall
Adult/College: Group Warm-up with Bob Sanders, TENT (in parking lot)


Trombone Check opens in room M119
High School
: Reading Session with Dr. Lori Stuntz, Feddersen Recital Hall
Adult/College: Visit the exhibits in room M108


High School: Visit the exhibits in room M108
Adult/College: Trombone Choir Reading Session with Bob Sanders, TENT (in parking lot)


Opening Concert, Intercollegiate Choir


Free time/Exhibits/Break/Lunch


High School Quartet Competition, Feddersen Recital Hall
Judges: Dr. Karen Marston, Shelly Suminski, Dr Lori Stuntz, Bob Sanders


Open rehearsal with Alex Iles and Bones West, Feddersen Recital Hall


Artist Master Class, Alex Iles, Feddersen Recital Hall


Guest Recital, Empress Trombone Quartet Recital, Feddersen Recital Hall


Artist Recital, Alex Iles Artist Recital, Feddersen Recital Hall


Finale Concert, Bones West, featuring Alex Iles, Feddersen Recital Hall (Quartet Winners will be announced prior to concert)

See you on April 23!




2023 Registration

Interested in being a part of SoCal Trombone Day? 

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN THROUGH THE MT SAC BOX OFFICE.  Navigate to Feb 11, 2023 for ticket options.

Regular Registration: $30.00
(Students, Seniors, Military, Children under 12: $20.00)
Concerts only: $10.00
(Students, Seniors, Military, Children under 12: $8.00)

Student competitors receive a special rate.
Please email Len Wicks at lenwicks@gmail.com for more information.


See you on Feb 11!

2023 High School Trombone Quartet Competition

High school students are invited to compete in the SoCal Trombone Day High School Trombone Quartet Competition.  

The winning group will receive a check for $200 (as a donation to their high school band program), and have the opportunity to perform during the Trombone Day Finale Concert, featuring Bones West and guest.  All participating groups are invited to perform as a mass ensemble on the Trombone Day finale concert.


  • In order to compete, ensembles must be a complete trombone quartet (4 trombonists, any combination of bass/tenor), comprised of high school students (college students are not eligible).  Trombone Day does not organize quartets to compete – groups are pre-organized by students, and/or sponsoring band directors or private teachers.  A group may be comprised of students from different schools.
  • All quartets must prepare two pieces:
    • Required repertoire: DOWLAND, FINE KNACKS FOR LADIES Fine Knacks Bones – Score and parts
    • Choice piece: Each group will compete on a piece of their choosing, in any style, not to exceed 3 minutes in performance length
  • All quartets will perform the required repertoire together, as a trombone choir, during the Trombone Day Finale Concert.  The winning group will perform their choice competition piece.
  • All quartets will receive comments from the judges.
  • Competitors receive a discount on Trombone Day fees.
  • Trombone Day has the right to limit the number of competitors, based on scheduling requirements.
  • To register for Trombone Day and the Competition, email Len Wicks, at len.wicks@yahoo.com.

See you at Trombone Day!

2022 Featured Ensemble: Empress Trombone Quartet

SoCal Trombone Day is excited to announce a featured concert for 2002: Empress Trombone Quartet!

The Empress Trombone Quartet performs multi-style concerts for diverse audiences. With repertoire ranging from Medieval plainchant to swashbuckling movie scores, Empress concerts have something for every kind of music-lover, and as a female-centered trombone quartet, Empress is about breaking ground, and smashing stereotypes. Founded by Karen Marston in 2019, the Empress Trombone Quartet calls on the diverse musical backgrounds of its players, which range from orchestral and chamber music, to commercial and studio playing, to push the boundaries of chamber music.

Empress is also committed to new music, and has commissioned two brand new works for trombone quartet: The Lady of the Lake, by LA composer Stephen Mahpar, and Lotus Flowers, by Fátima Abramo Acuña, trombonist of the Orquesta Sinfónica del Congreso Nacional del Paraguay, which will be premiered in 2022.

Empress Trombone Quartet is:

Amy Bowers

Shelly Suminski
Lori Stuntz
Karen Marston

What will the Empress Trombone Quartet do at SoCal Trombone Day?

Empress will perform a recital program and serve as judges for the High School Trombone Quartet competition.

See you on April 23!



SoCal Trombone Day is a one-day, annual event taking place at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA.  Trombone Day features student ensembles, exhibitors, and world class artists in a dynamic, full-day program of concerts, master classes, and competitions, culminating in a performance Bones West, SoCal’s premiere trombone choir.  Open to students, teachers, professionals, vendors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, SoCal Trombone Day is truly all things trombone – you’re sure to come away inspired!

The Trombone Day Team

Dr. Karen Marston, Professor of Music, Mount San Antonio College

Joining the Mt San Antonio College Music Department in 2016, trombonist and educator Dr. Karen Marston currently works with brass players in both applied and chamber settings, and teaches academic music courses.  This appointment follows a fifteen-year tenure as an applied teacher and ensemble director at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, TX.  Karen holds degrees in trombone performance from the University of North Texas and Rice University, and both a masters and doctorate in music education from Columbia University, where she was the recipient of the Elin B. Stein Graduate Fellowship.  Her teachers include Jan Kagarice, Dr. Vern Kagarice, Dr. Royce Lumpkin, and David Waters.

As founder and Artistic Director of Omni Brass, a cutting-edge, multi style brass and percussion ensemble, Karen has performed and taught at venues and festivals around the world, including the University of Texas at Tyler, Baylor University, Lamar University, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, the Texas Christian University Trombone Summit, the Houston Symphony League Chamber Music Series, the San Jacinto College Brass Symposium, Menil Fest (Houston), Café Corotu (Panama City, Panama), the International Trombone Festival at the University of Redlands, Metro Dances (Houston), and numerous middle and high school programs across the country.  Karen has also performed with the Houston Symphony, the San Antonio Symphony, the Ebony Opera Guild, Orchestra X (Houston), the American Radio Chamber Orchestra, the Composers Orchestra of Houston, the Resonance Brass Choir, a national touring production of A Christmas Carol, and the west-coast tour of Alliance Brass.

As a researcher, Karen has completed an extensive dissertation project focusing on the causes and pedagogical interventions relevant to focal task specific embouchure dystonia, and her work has twice been published in the Journal of the International Trombone Association.  Dr. Marston’s arrangements can also be heard on both Omni Brass releases – The Red Album (2014), and Omnify (2016) – and are available commercially through Brassworks4.  Karen has received performance and pedagogy grants from the San Jacinto Foundation, the Brown Foundation, the American Chamber Music Players of New York, and the Houston Arts Alliance.

As Director of the International Trombone Festival, Dr. Marston is at the forefront of the trombone community, and enjoys collaborations with students, teachers, and artists from around the world.  Karen is an artist for Rath Trombones, England.

Michael Hoffman, Principal Trombone, Pacific Symphony; Professor of Trombone, Cal State Fullerton

Michael Hoffman has been principal trombone with Pacific Symphony since 1989. He has performed in a variety of ensembles including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Diego Symphony, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Opera, the Peter Britt Festival and Niobe Brass. He can also be heard on many movie soundtracks including Hook, Far and Away, Jurassic Park, Lost World, Titanic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Down With Love, Sea Biscuit, Hidalgo, and King Kong. Hoffman is very active with Pacific Symphony’s nationally acclaimed Class Act program, and has enjoyed working with many elementary schools as a band director and adopted musician. He finds great satisfaction in contributing to the very important and worthwhile goal of developing future audiences.

Bob Sanders, President, American Federation of Musicians, Local 7; Professor of Trombone, Cal State Fullerton


Bob‘s training included four great teachers, Don Kimble, Jeff Reynolds, Robert Simmergren and Roy Main; they have made all the difference! His professional career began at the age of twenty with the Disneyland Band where he stayed three years. It was a de facto apprenticeship, working day in and day out with 15 experienced professional musicians. Thereafter he stayed busy performing hither and yon in the greater Los Angeles area, including 30 years with the Pacific Symphony, 24 years as a founding member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, 12 years in the Composers Brass Quintet, and of course, a decade or so in Hoyt Bohannon’s garage on Tuesday nights.

He has played on a freelance basis, at one time or another, for every dog and pony show to come through Southern California for 45 years; including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, hundreds of motion picture and television scores, and considerable time in various and sundry theater, ballet and opera pits. He has been a member of the Bill Watrous Refuge West Band, the Jack Sheldon Orchestra, the Jimmy Cleveland Orchestra and did two, all too short, tours subbing with the west coast iteration of the Toshiko Akioshi-Lew Tabackin Big Band.

He is presently retired from low brass performance, serves as president of Local 7, American Federation of Musicians, and has taught trombone at California State University, Fullerton for more than three decades; where he co-founded (with Jeannie Little and Alex Iles) Trombone Day in 2004.

Bob is a Greenhoe Artist.

Len Wicks

Douglas Grieve, Trombone Advocate

Douglas Grieve is currently on the Board of Directors for Bones West.  He started his trombone journey with training from Bob Sanders,  Robert Simmergren and John Hollenbach. To this day, the interaction with these gentlemen continues with each note that is played. After a 20 year absent from the trombone playing scene to raise a family, Doug now enjoys participating and organizing various trombone events throughout the year.

Doug composes trombone choir arrangements for various groups.  He is also the National Director for Trombone Christmas.  These are open invitation concerts given throughout the United States involving a combined 650 trombone players.

Sponsoring Schools: Cal State, Fullerton and Mount San Antonio College