2022 Schedule

Welcome to Trombone Day!  Here’s what’s happening!

Please note: Mt San Antonio College currently requires masking on campus.  Musicians are required to use bell covers and masks in rehearsals; Masks can be removed during performances. 

For more information about COVID protocols on campus: https://www.mtsac.edu/covid19/


High School: Group Warm-up with Dr. Karen Marston, Feddersen Recital Hall
Adult/College: Group Warm-up with Bob Sanders, TENT (in parking lot)


Trombone Check opens in room M119
High School
: Reading Session with Dr. Lori Stuntz, Feddersen Recital Hall
Adult/College: Visit the exhibits in room M108


High School: Visit the exhibits in room M108
Adult/College: Trombone Choir Reading Session with Bob Sanders, TENT (in parking lot)


Opening Concert, Intercollegiate Choir


Free time/Exhibits/Break/Lunch


High School Quartet Competition, Feddersen Recital Hall
Judges: Dr. Karen Marston, Shelly Suminski, Dr Lori Stuntz, Bob Sanders


Open rehearsal with Alex Iles and Bones West, Feddersen Recital Hall


Artist Master Class, Alex Iles, Feddersen Recital Hall


Guest Recital, Empress Trombone Quartet Recital, Feddersen Recital Hall


Artist Recital, Alex Iles Artist Recital, Feddersen Recital Hall


Finale Concert, Bones West, featuring Alex Iles, Feddersen Recital Hall (Quartet Winners will be announced prior to concert)

See you on April 23!




2022 Featured Ensemble: Empress Trombone Quartet

SoCal Trombone Day is excited to announce a featured concert for 2002: Empress Trombone Quartet!

The Empress Trombone Quartet performs multi-style concerts for diverse audiences. With repertoire ranging from Medieval plainchant to swashbuckling movie scores, Empress concerts have something for every kind of music-lover, and as a female-centered trombone quartet, Empress is about breaking ground, and smashing stereotypes. Founded by Karen Marston in 2019, the Empress Trombone Quartet calls on the diverse musical backgrounds of its players, which range from orchestral and chamber music, to commercial and studio playing, to push the boundaries of chamber music.

Empress is also committed to new music, and has commissioned two brand new works for trombone quartet: The Lady of the Lake, by LA composer Stephen Mahpar, and Lotus Flowers, by Fátima Abramo Acuña, trombonist of the Orquesta Sinfónica del Congreso Nacional del Paraguay, which will be premiered in 2022.

Empress Trombone Quartet is:

Amy Bowers

Shelly Suminski
Lori Stuntz
Karen Marston

What will the Empress Trombone Quartet do at SoCal Trombone Day?

Empress will perform a recital program and serve as judges for the High School Trombone Quartet competition.

See you on April 23!