2023 Schedule

Joining us for Trombone Day?  Here’s what’s happening!





11:15am-12:15pm OPENING CONCERT: Recital Hall
Fresno State University Trombone Choir, Dr. Russ Zokaites, Director
Empress Trombone Octet

12:15pm-1:00pm LUNCH (Many food options walkable across Grand Ave: Subway, Domo Sushi, Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Nazo, Yoshinoya, Wingstop)

Judges: Dr. Karen Marston, Dr. Deb Scott, Bob Sanders

1:30pm-2:15pm ARTIST MASTER CLASS, YU TAMAKI: Recital Hall Performers: Cooper Randeen, Santiago High School; Nagisa Kuwabara, Azusa Pacific University; Key Poulan, Fresno State University

2:15pm-2:45pm SHARED FACULTY RECITAL: Recital Hall
Featuring Dr. Deb Scott, Bob Sanders, and Dr. Russ Zokaites

2:45pm-3:30pm MASTER CLASSES
Tenor Trombone Master Class with Dr. Deb Scott: M200 Performers: Jason Bernard, UCLA; Frankie Ye, Mt SAC; Lauren Parisi, Fresno State University
Bass Trombone Master Class with Dr Russ Zokaites: Recital Hall Performers: Trenton Ballinger, Riverside City College; Toby Hung, El Camino College & CSU Long Beach

3:30pm-3:45pm BREAK

3:45pm-4:30pm ARTIST CONCERT, YU TAMAKI: Recital Hall

4:30pm-5:45pm CLOSING CONCERT: Recital Hall
SoCal Intercollegiate Trombone Choir, Bob Sanders, Conducting
High School Quartet Results and performances
Bones West

2022 Schedule

Welcome to Trombone Day!  Here’s what’s happening!

Please note: Mt San Antonio College currently requires masking on campus.  Musicians are required to use bell covers and masks in rehearsals; Masks can be removed during performances. 

For more information about COVID protocols on campus: https://www.mtsac.edu/covid19/


High School: Group Warm-up with Dr. Karen Marston, Feddersen Recital Hall
Adult/College: Group Warm-up with Bob Sanders, TENT (in parking lot)


Trombone Check opens in room M119
High School
: Reading Session with Dr. Lori Stuntz, Feddersen Recital Hall
Adult/College: Visit the exhibits in room M108


High School: Visit the exhibits in room M108
Adult/College: Trombone Choir Reading Session with Bob Sanders, TENT (in parking lot)


Opening Concert, Intercollegiate Choir


Free time/Exhibits/Break/Lunch


High School Quartet Competition, Feddersen Recital Hall
Judges: Dr. Karen Marston, Shelly Suminski, Dr Lori Stuntz, Bob Sanders


Open rehearsal with Alex Iles and Bones West, Feddersen Recital Hall


Artist Master Class, Alex Iles, Feddersen Recital Hall


Guest Recital, Empress Trombone Quartet Recital, Feddersen Recital Hall


Artist Recital, Alex Iles Artist Recital, Feddersen Recital Hall


Finale Concert, Bones West, featuring Alex Iles, Feddersen Recital Hall (Quartet Winners will be announced prior to concert)

See you on April 23!





SoCal Trombone Day, February 1, 2020

GROUPS: Please follow the path for your group, as listed below
High School 1: All freshmen, sophomore, and middle school students
High School 2: All juniors and seniors

7:30am Registration opens (Box Office)
8:45am Trombone Check opens (M119, in courtyard)
10:30am: Exhibits open (M109)

Time High School 1 High School 2 Adult/College
8:00am Group Warm up with Amy Bowers (M200) Group warm up with Sean Reusch (M108)
9:00am Opening Concert, featuring the SoCal Intercollegiate Trombone Choir, Karen Marston and Michael Hoffman, Directors (Feddersen)
10:00am Trombone Choir Reading session with Sean Reusch (M108) Exhibits (M109) Trombone Choir Reading session with Bob Sanders (Feddersen)
11:00am Exhibits (M109) Faculty Master Class with Sean Reusch (M108) Artist Master Class with Alan Kaplan (M200)
1:00pm High School Quartet Competition (Feddersen) or Exhibits (M109)
2:00pm Artist Master Class with Peter Steiner (Feddersen) or Exhibits (M109)
3:00pm Faculty Master Class with Sean Reusch (M108) Trombone Choir Reading session with Karen Marston (M200) Exhibits (M109)
4:00pm Artist Recital: Peter Steiner and Constanze Hochwartner (Feddersen)
5:00pm Quartet Winners Announcement and performance
Finale Concert: Bones West with Alan Kaplan, Guest Artist
Door Prizes (Feddersen)


Special Guest: Dick Nash

We are honored to welcome the great Dick Nash as a special guest for Trombone Day 2019!  

Amassing a whopping 3200 television and movie score credits in his long career, LA trombone great Dick Nash worked with all of the Hollywood heavy-hitters, including Henry Mancini, Jerry Goldsmith, and John Williams, and can be heard on many iconic recordings, such as Peter Gunn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Days of Wine and Roses, Sabrina, and Planet of the Apes, to name a few.  Dick will be joining Bones West and Marshall Gilkes on the finale concert at Trombone Day!  Don’t miss this incredibly special opportunity to hear a legend of the LA Studio Scene!


SoCal Trombone Day, Saturday, March 02, 2019

High School 1: Freshmen/Sophomores
High School 2: Juniors/Seniors
  High School 1 High School 2 College & Adults Educators
8:00am Registration opens (Pre-registered?  Pick up your wristband at the Box Office)
9:00am Group Warmup with Dr. Karen Marston (M108) Group Warmup with Michael Hoffman (M200) Group Warmup with Bob Sanders (Feddersen) Observe a group warmup
9:45am Opening Concert, Featuring combined collegiate trombone choirs from Cal State Fullerton, Mt SAC, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal Poly Pamona, Dr. Karen Marston, Dr. Lori Stuntz, and Michael Hoffman, Directors (Clarke)
10:45am Exhibit Hall Artist Masterclass: Marshall Gilkes (Feddersen) Trombone Choir Reading Session with Bob Sanders (M200) “Concert Programming for Artistry,” with Dr. Gregory Whitmore (M104)
11:45am Artist Masterclass: Marshall Gilkes (Feddersen) Trombone Choir Reading Session with Dr. Karen Marston (M200) Exhibit Hall Exhibit Hall
12:30pm Lunch at the Mountie Cafe (right up the hill)!
1:30pm Free Choice:

High School Quartet Competition (Feddersen)

Exhibit Hall

2:30m Trombone Choir Reading Session with Michael Hoffman (M200) Exhibit Hall Artist Masterclass: Marshall Gilkes (Feddersen) “Rethinking Brass Teaching,” with Dr. Karen Marston (M104)
3:30pm Free Choice:

Masterclass, Dr. Andrew Glendenning (M200)

Trombone Maintenance, John Sandhagen (Feddersen)

Exhibit Hall

4:45pm Artist Recital, Marshall Gilkes and Mt SAC Faculty Jazz (Clarke)
5:30pm High School Trombone Quartet Competition, Winners Announced/Performance
5:45pm Bones West Concert, featuring Marshall Gilkes and Dick Nash
6:30pm Door prize drawing (all attendees eligible)

 NOTE: Trombone cases are not allowed in Feddersen or Clarke during performances.  Trombone Check (M119, in Feddersen Courtyard) will be available before and after concerts.

Who should attend Trombone Day?

Everyone!  SoCal Trombone Day is the largest trombone gathering in the region, and is a full day of all things trombone, aimed at students, teachers, enhtusaists, professionals, and hobbyists alike!  Get ready for some serious inspiration, with a full day of concerts, master classes, exhibits, and reading sessions!  Questions?  Please email Dr. Karen Marston, Mount San Antonio College, at kmarston1@mtsac.edu.

New for this year!

GROUPS: Attendees will be split into smaller groups (based on age), so that classes and reading sessions are both age-approproate, and more manageable in terms of groups size.  Plus, exhibit time will be built into your schedule!  No need to miss a fun concert or class in order to try out horns!

EDUCATOR TRACK: Teachers!  Want to bring your students to Trombone Day, AND get something out of it for yourself?  New for this year, we will offer an educator track – clinicians and classes just for you!  Looking for professional development opportunities?  Trombone Day has you covered!  Plus, bring a group of students, and get in for FREE!  Please email Dr. Karen Marston, at kmarston1@mtsac.edu, for more information!